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ComprehensiveEye Examination

A wide range of ocular examinations are conducted during investigation. We offer exemplary eye examinations…

Cataract and GlaucomaScreening & Management

WHAT IS CATARACT?A cataract is a cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens, which lies between the front….

Spectacle DispensingGet quality spectacles

This service provides spectacles for adults and children to treat certain eye conditions. What This….

Modern Eye Clinic

Our Clinic is up-to-date in opertions and equipment.

Expert Doctors

Our doctors are well trained and years of experience.

Eye Examination

we carry out comprehensive eye examination and make appropriate.

Spectacle Dispensing

We provides spectacles (designers) and frames for our patients.

Welcome To
Dothan Eye Centre

At DothanEye Centre, we strive to provide exceptional eye care to meet all of our patient's needs. Our office provides vision care to all ages from 6 months to most senior patients. Using the latest in technology to assist in delivering your eye care, our goal is always to be informative…


We Provide the highest level of satisfaction in eye care & services to our patients.

Why People Choose Us?

We offer extensive eye services to our patients.


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