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Dothan Eye centre Ltd is a wholly owned Nigerian company duly registered with the corporate Affairs Commission to carry out the business of total eye care, any other act leading to the care of eye and related organs of the body. The clinic is also registered with Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA) and Lagos State Health Facility monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA). The company operation is presently located at 108 Ago Palace way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos State

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Dr. Nene Okpara
Dr Nene Glad Okpara completed her undergraduate and Optometric degree from the Abia State University, Uturu. She did her externship at the Living Word… Read More

Our History

Dothan Eye centre was established in Nigeria in September 2013 as a high tech eye clinic capable of providing optometric services comparable to International standards. Dothan Eye Centre Limited from inception have partnered with some institutions in the fight against preventable blindness with the aim of delivering a quality eye care to the Nigerian populace.

We have reached out to individuals, schools, churches, communities, companies, banks, transport and other institutions with our preventable eye training programs and materials, in order to educate people on the best ways to take care of their eyes and avid preventable eye defects and diseases. We have also take time to screen, examine and investigate unique cases to establish trends and consequently proffer advice. Dothan Eye Centre core ingredient is to employ the most current technology and consistently furnished to maintain International standards for effective and accurate diagnosis and ultimately, for an efficient eye care delivery. We also have from inception constantly focused on staff continued learning programs to keep our people abreast the most current and advanced skills.

    To totally prevent avoidable blindness and curable eye defects through the provision of equitable, qualitative and affordable eye care.
    To be committed to promoting excellence in eye care service delivery by utilizing highly trained staff, current technology and advanced skills in applying quality ophthalmic care.
    * To reduce the level of ignorance and neglect on vision care, through training and periodic seminars
    * To implement intervention against harmful traditional practices, and eye injuries
    * To provide services to treat children and adults with cataract, glaucoma, retinopathy of premature and corneal ulcer and scarring
    * To provide optical services for children and adults with refractive errors and with low vision.
    *Provide comprehensive services for children and adults at all levels of service delivery.
    *Promote institutional eye-health programs
    *To provide a platform for the diagnosis and management of common conditions, such as refractive errors, ocular pathologies and vitamin A deficiency.
    *To provide required training targeted towards eye health care, importance of regular check up and what to expect during a comprehensive check up.
    *Ensure that staffs undergo a comprehensive vision screening as part of the institution health program, with provision of spectacles to those who will benefit.
    * International conference once a year.
    * National Conference once a year.
    * State conferences, once a year.
    * Isee Expo workshop once a year.

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Senior Doctor

Dr. Nene Okpara

Senior Doctor

Dr Nene Glad Okpara completed her undergraduate and Optometric degree from the Abia State University,…

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