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A wide range of ocular examinations are conducted during investigation. We offer exemplary eye examinations including glaucoma testing and treatment, cataract and Lasik co-management, and treatment of eye disease and trauma.
The different tests include but not limited to:

  • LED Visual Acuity Chart: This is used to check the visual acuity of the patient.
  • Ophthalmoscope: This is used for the detection of pathologies and anomalies in the different internal ocular structure. This is a must test for every patient.
  • Auto Refractor: Auto refractor determines automatically the refractive status of the lens. It is a non contact test.
  • Visual Field Analyzer: This is a picture analysis of the central and peripheral visual field status of a patient. This test is a complimentary test for a glaucoma status.
  • Non Contact Tonometer: for the detection of the intra ocular pressure(IOP) of the eye
  • Slit Lamp: This gives a detailed, magnified and well appreciated view of the external ocular structures.
  • Applanation Tonometer: We use this as a confirmatory check for intra ocular pressure test. This is mounted on the slit lamp.
  • Retinoscope: This is used for cycloplegic refraction for geriatrics and pediatrics whose response are not reliable during subjective refraction. It is also a supplementary test for the auto refractor.
  • Panoptic Ophthalmoscope: An ultra modern ophthalmoscope that also serves as a fundus camera.
  • Lensometer: Used to ascertain a lens power.

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